Tips To Start Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business With Zero Investment

More people have started to become online entrepreneurs as they are aware that having their own business is one of the best ways to financial security. Although most people want to be an entrepreneur, the fact is that most people have other commitments and they will still need to pay their monthly bills. This means that they do not have much money that they can invest into their online affiliate marketing business. Here are the tips you can use to start your own online business with zero investment.

Step 1 – Create A Free Blogger Blog

You will need a landing page so that you will be able to drive traffic to that page. You can go to to create a free blog. Do invest some of your time to learn how to make use of the different features that are available in this blogging platform. You will want to change the theme so that it will suits the main topic that you plan to focus.

Step 2 – Decide On One Main Topic

You will want to select one main topic which has high demand for information and the people in the market should be willing to spend money on products. You can go to top article directory like EzineArticles to check the demand for the information and go to Amazon to check whether people are spending money on products that are related to your market.

Step 3 – Select 2 to 5 Relevant Products to Promote

Once you have decided on the main topic, you will want to go to the various affiliate networks like ClickBank, CJ or others to find relevant products that you can promote to your market. You will want to place the ads on your blog to promote the various products. Do ensure that you put in AdSense to your blog if you have an active account.

Step 4 – Write Relevant Content

You will need to write at least one article a day that contains relevant content. If you do not know the topic well, you will want to invest some of your time to do research so that you will have better understanding of the market. Make sure that you are writing content that will be useful to your reader.

Step 5 – Ping Your Article

Once your article is posted to your blog, you will want to ping the link where your blog article is live through various pinging website. This is to notify the blog search engines that your blog is activated. For every one new article that you post to your blog, you will need to ping your blog post. The key to make this system work is to continuously repeat step 4 and 5 consistently over a period of time.

Step 6 – Submit Your Blog RSS Feeds to RSS Directories

Your blog will have its own RSS feeds and you will want to submit your RSS link to as many RSS directories as possible. Please note that you only need to submit your link to each directory only once.

Here is the simple system which you can use to start your affiliate journey without any money. Do not be fooled by this simple system as it works very well once you have decided to do the required work. I will still strongly recommend you to reinvest your profits to have your own hosted website and autoresponder account so that you can start building your own long term business.